OUR Expertise

Power Plant
Power Substation
Medium & Low Voltage Distribution Systems
Emergency Power Generation and Distribution Systems
Fire Alarm System
Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Systems
Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems
Security System
CCTV System
Telephone System
Public Address System
Master Antenna TV System
Energy System
Building Automation System
Data Network System
Data Center Infrastructure

Air Cooled / Water Cooled Chiller Systems
Condenser Water System
Chiller Plant Management
Ductwork and Air Distribution Systems
Refrigeration System
Packaged Air Conditioning System
Precision Air Conditioning System
Acoustic System
Ventilation System
Clean Room System
Co generation Plant

Domestic Water Distribution System
Water Treatment System
Drinking Water System
Hot Water Generation and Distribution Systems
Steam Generation and Distribution Systems
Gas System – Drainage System
Utility Piping System
Waste Water Treatment System
Swimming Pool

Fire Pump and Controller system
Sprinkler System
FM2 and CO2 System
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher System
Pre-Action & Deluge System